Olivia MacLennan is a multi-generational horsewoman, her roots deeply intertwined with the Western heritage that fuels her passion for the sport of rodeo. From an early age, Olivia found herself immersed in the world of horsemanship, embracing both English and Western disciplines with equal favor. Whether soaring over jumps, running barrel patterns, or displaying her dedication in pole bending and breakaway roping, Olivia's skills in the saddle have grown her into the person she is today.

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Beyond the arena, Olivia's character shines brightly. Her journey as a horsewoman has instilled in her remarkable patience, compassion, and a thirst for knowledge. These qualities are perhaps most evident in her work with individuals facing developmental disabilities, where she selflessly dedicates her time to making a positive impact on their lives.

While pursuing her educational aspirations in Medical Diagnostic Sonography, Olivia's ambitions extend far beyond the realm of human healthcare. Driven by her unwavering passion for horses, she harbors a determined desire to merge her medical knowledge with her love for equines, particularly in the field of performance horses and reproduction. With a keen eye for detail and a heart brimming with dedication, Olivia is poised to make significant strides in advancing equine reproductive science.

Olivia is originally from Sexsmith Alberta, however her heart resides in Ponoka. She expresses that the Ponoka Stampede is everything she stands for, it is a dedicated community, passionate fans, and outstanding volunteers. Olivia has grown very fond of Ponoka and its Stampede because they have a way of making you feel apart of something greater. The Ponoka Stampede is a family like no other, and Olivia is beyond grateful for the generosity of the community.

Olivia wants to show people why rodeo means so much to our community. She wants to capture the raw moments of rodeo, the behind-the-scenes, and how rodeo brings people together. Her reign as Miss Ponoka Stampede 2024 is not just a title but a celebration of the timeless bond between the community, the sport of rodeo, and the enduring spirit of the Western way of life.


Along with countless new attractions such as Canada's largest midway, dances, and much more the Ponoka Stampede committee decided to invite participants to vie for the honor of becoming the first Rodeo Queen in 1948, with Bertha (Santee) Courser receiving the coveted crown.

Many former Ponoka Stampede Queens over the years still live in and around the district, have married and settled down to raise their families, but are still very much involved in the great and growing sport of rodeo. The list includes:

  • Mary Ellen (Jones) Wilson 1956
  • Jean (Dodds) Twa 1959
  • Sheila Stickney (Koller) 1966
  • Shannon (Boles) Howorko 1984
  • Cheryl (Robson) Daines 1985
  • Lynnette (Scott) Galloway 1986
  • Shelley (Houston) Dyrland 1987
  • Colleen (Bexson) Coleman 1988
  • Rhonda (Hartman) Miller 1989
  • Tracy Crawford 1990
  • Angie (Lundgren) Andersen 1991
  • Karen (Black) Skeels 1992
  • Michelle Williams 1993
  • Jessie (Randles) Scott 1994
  • Diana (Davies) Austad 1995
  • Jody (Bougerolle) Leach 1996
  • Brook Robertson 1997
  • Karina Tees 1998
  • Kim Hughes 1999
  • Nadia Content 2000
  • Bobbie Jo Sauder 2001
  • Brianna Ernst 2002
  • Mandy (Angelveldt) Dux 2003
  • Cody Jo Lawes 2004
  • Crystal Albers 2005
  • Nichole Campbell in 2006
  • Shelby Simmonds in 2013
  • Katy Lucas in 2014
  • Ashley Akkermans 2015
  • Jadey van der Vlis 2016
  • Michele Greer 2017
  • Alicia Erickson 2018
  • Naomi Akkermans 2019
  • Mackenzie Skeels 2022
  • Kaylee Shantz 2023
Young ladies of Ponoka and districts are encouraged to become involved in the excitement and camaraderie of the search to find the next Miss Ponoka Stampede!